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Enjoy the best of Mexico City

Mexico City is friendly and safe place to visit with lots of attractions. Its size and richness makes it worth taking a city tour to visit its different areas, some included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. If you prefer making an excursion save time for one-day trips to enjoy landscapes and pyramids, or two-day excursions to relax in a Magic town, or sunbathing in a beautiful SPA. In a one-week visit you'll have enough time to enjoy the best of Mexico City:

Full-day City Tours

Roma film
                        Quaron Netfix
Day 1: Roma Tour
Visiting Colonia Roma the trendiest district in Mexico City: film locations, great architecture, culinary temples and the best art galleries in town. Two-in-One combo tour.

Day 2: Aztec & Hispanic Heritage

Choose one of our routes to explore the ancient Mexican capital covering its most attractive palaces, glittering altars and monuments.

Maximilian coach
Day 3: Voyage to Mexico
Discover the ancient Maya and Mexica civilizations, and the beautiful works of art in a dream castle on top of a hill.

Frida piece
Day 4: Frida Kahlo Art Excursion
A closer look to the bohemian environment in South Mexico City, folowing the paths of renown artists.

Camino Real
Day 5: Contemporary Architecture

Discover the most sophisticated spaces, textures and colors in West Mexico City.

                            Pyramid agave
Day 6: Teotihuacan Pyramids

The excitement of visiting the greatest ancient city in America and unveil its misteries trhough architecture and mural paintings. 

Walking Tours

pink shoes
Half-day tours to specific areas and topics. These tours are useful if you are limited in time but would like to have a rewarding experience in the city.


Mision del
Full Day SPA
Visiting a magic town, then relax in an exclusive SPA or a week-end retreat to endulge yourself. More...

Puebla Overview
City of Angels

Visit Cholula and Puebla, the Baroque jewel of New Spain, elegant mansions, fine traditional cuisine, and antique shops. More...

Xochicalco view
A Voyage to Eternal Spring

An excursion to the wonderful Xochicalco site, and a visit to a superb art collection in Robert Brady's house. More...

The Heart of Mexico

  Enjoy elegant cobbled-stoned streets, vineyards, delicious dinner options, fantastic shopping, and cozy bars in San Miguel Allende. More...

Every tour is unique, so you can combine them to have an integral experience of Mexico. Also find friendly hotels, transportation, restaurants and services. Our tours are based on professional research and travel experience providing you interesting information. Touring in private means avoiding multiple pick-ups, tourist traps, traveling with a friendly certified guide, enhancing your time, and adaptabale to your needs.

General features

  • All tours include: certified tour guide in English, admissions and taxes.
  • Transportation from you hotel for full-day tours.
  • You can combine two walking tours to make a complete day experience.
  • On Mondays you can take a Pyramids or Contemporary Architecture excursions.
  • Also ask for customized tours.
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City Tours
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Transportation, purified water and snack.


Four-seat car for one, two or three passengers.

Ask for customized tours.

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