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Mexico City is rich in cultural attractions: For more than 500 years it has been the epicenter of a unique civilization. Because of its vast size it is best to visit specific areas, many of which are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites List. Here in this site you’ll be able to explore this amazing capital of the American Continent (locally known as CDMX ).

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The position of Mexico City below the tropics at high altitude makes the weather a mixed one: mornings and evenings are usually cool, but during the day it tends to become warmer, especially on a sunny day. Despite high altitude, thinner atmosphere is not a big problem for most people…

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City Tours

A convenient way to visit Mexico City is to take a guided tour. You can choose from full-day tours, which include a variety of experiences, or half-day tours to explore a specific spot, both with an expert English-speaking guide and following all hygiene and distancing procedures.

Colonia Roma Legacy

Admire the architectural and artistic heritage of Colonia Roma, carved on its aristocratic mansions. Half-day tour.

Splendor of XIX C. Mexican Art

A time voyage to the most exquisite portraits, scenes and landscapes in the National Gallery.  Half-day tour.

Mesoamerican Treasures

An expert guided visit to the impressive National Anthropology Museum.  Half-day tour.

South Mexico City Architecture

Fantastic spaces, art, style, color and textures may provide you inspiration and delight.  Full-day excursion.

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Most attractions are located in the Central Area, which includes the ancient Mexico City (Historic District), connected with Juárez, Condesa, Roma and Chapultepec Park through Reforma Avenue. Polanco Area to the North-west and has excellent hotels and services.

CDMX Metropolitan Area Map

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Featured attractions

China Town Gate and Foreign Affairs Office Tower near Alameda Park .

Mural painting by the artist Saner, located at the W Hotel in Polanco .

Accommodations with Character

Standing in front of the magnificent opera house of Mexico City, known as Palacio de Bellas Artes you can feel what XX Centuries of architectural wonders weight on the shoulders of those who have designed spaces for living, working or enjoying music: the need to create massive, flamboyant, palatial constructions.

But architecture also reflects what this country has gone through: crisis, revolutions, cultural disruptions and philosophical contradictions. Side by side it is possible to observe a mix of styles, materials and heights, all of them bathed in hard UV rays but at the same time sinking or leaning like in a distoptic film.

Baroque details emerge almost everywhere. When the Catholic Counter Reform declared its aesthetic principles, New Spain embraced them with passion and commissioned some of the most outstanding churches you can imagine. Entering, for example, La Enseñanza chapel you are transported to the heaven Ignacio Loyola imagined for those who practiced spiritual exercises, and architecture is one of the most sublime of all because it conveys religious messages, and therefore needed to be integrated with paintings and sculptures.

A Portrait of Mexico City

The Local Cuisine

Piles of corn, beans, cactus leaves, chili peppers and tomatoes, avocados, other vegetables and even grasshoppers coming from different regions of the country can be smelled and seen in San Juan Market, one of the many local hubs where chefs get fresh ingredients to delight our senses. Once they are prepared, following traditional recipes and served on the table, you must have “tortillas” (soft flat bread made from corn), which usually are fair yellow but can have reddish or bluish tone people are so proud of. The city is a true blender of all the flavors from the Country.

Fresh vegetables are the base of an immense number of dishes, many of them in sauces made with tomatoes or tomatillo, with the spark of dozens of varieties of chili peppers. The most traditional food for a celebration is called “mole”, a blend of several dry peppers and spice used as an ever-present sauce for turkey or chicken, served with rice, or used to fill “tamales”, the universal food of indigenous people in Latin America.

Our visitors said:


A great private tour of the best of Mexico City

The guide built a great full day tour to include three separate neighborhoods on CDMX; history, architecture and culture were part of the tour... that the guide narrated with great skill and a little humor. Very interesting and quite fun!


Palm Springs, California

Opinion on: Colonia Roma Tour

The guide was a great and was able to weave good information about the city in an engaging way. I spent two days touring the city with him and I think he gave me a great perspective on the city. I would recommend his services.


Chicago, Illinois

Excellent tours in Mexico City

My partner and I highly recommend the services of Gentle Tours. The guide is a very informed, informative, organized and professional. We took a day trip to Teotihuacan and the Acolman monastery; a one-day tour of contemporary architecture in Mexico City; and a walk of several hours through the neighborhood of Roma. They were all excellent tours. He not only provides a comprehensive and interesting explanation of what he is seeing, but also relevant information on Mexican history, economy, and culture. We hope to use his services again when we arrive in Mexico City.

Mark & Günther

Geneve, Switzerland

Great tours. Thanks!

The guide was fantastic, who helped us discover some great and hidden places in Mexico City. We visited the Rivera murals at the Ministry of Education and in the National Palace, the house of Coyoacán and San Ángel. He was very professional in organizing the tour according to our wishes and very friendly at every moment of the day. We have a fantastic memory of him from the professional and the human point of view.

We would like to return in the future and call Gentle Tours again!


Roma, Italia

Visitor from China

I did a Mexico City historical walking tour of the city. The guide was a fantastic and as a historian he has a deep knowledge. So, we did a full day architectural tour that we visited in many parts of the city looking at new and old. Without a doubt a first tourist category.


Shanghai, China

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