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Our visitors said:

Thanks for the great tours!
Mark & Dean

We enjoyed and experienced Mexico City in a way we never could have without your wonderful guidance. We will always remember it.
Paul & Jack
San Francisco

Thank you for the city tour, It was fun and I had a great time also.
Bob, Houston Tx.

Half-day tours in Mexico City

Half-day tours to specific areas and topics. These tours are useful if you are limited in time but would like to have a rewarding experience in the city. Also, you may like to combine them to make a full-day. Transportation to meeting point on request.

Roma Sur
Discover the roots of the Jewish community in Mexico City, and enjoy the markets where chefs get their supplies and locals enjoy fresh food from vendors with variety of Latin flavors. Also visit the Roma film locations. A flash-back to the 70's!
4-hour walking tour. Starting 10 am. Dailly. $80 USD per person (two people minimum).
Departing from Sears Department Store (214 San Luis Potosi). Book now.

Roma Nouveau
Roma Legacy
In the early 1900's Colonia Roma Norte turned to be the modern side of Mexico City, attracting prestigious families who built their mansions, as well as famous intellectuals and artists. Today lives a vivid renaissance, based on the artistic and culinary scene.
4-hour walking tour. Starting 10 am. Dailly. $80 USD per person (two people minimum).
Departing from Four Points Hotel (38 Alvaro Obregon Avenue). Book now.

Roma Art
Roma Art Stroll

Live the artistic side of Colonia Roma. During this afternoon tour, you'll visit art galleries, musical venues, valuable art collections and art boutiques. You'll also discover new flavors and trendy spots. A truly inspiring experience! Wine or Mezcal tasting.

4-hour walking tour. Starting 3 pm. Dailly. $80 USD per person (two people minimum).
Departing from Delirio Mónica Patiño (116 Monterrey Ave.). Book now.

Judas MAP
An Insight into Traditional C
A time voyage full of color and fantastic colors on traditionally made objects in clay, wood, silver, cotton, wool, lacquer... all containing the soul of their creators. Finding its roots at the gorgeous Museo de Arte Popular to match with the native traditions, and then arriving to the handicrafts bazaar to get beautiful souvenirs.
Departing from
Hilton hotel (70 Juarez Ave.). 4-hour walking tour. Starting 9:00 am. Tuesday to Sunday.  Book now

The Emperor
's secrets
At Maximilian's royal mansion we'll be discovering his secrets, and the beauty he created around him in Chapultepec castle: elegant chambers, nice gardens and impressive views of Mexico City from top of a hill. Here you'll discover a rich history and a delightful surprise for everyone. Hotel pick up service included. 
Departing from Four Seasons
hotel (500 Reforma Ave.).
4-hour walking tour. Starting 9 am.
Tuesday to Sunday. Book now 

Glory and Progress

A voyage to Mexico in the XIX Century. Visiting the National Museum of Art, Mexican Army Museum and Post Office. On this tour you'll discover the  struggles of Mexicans to make a great modern nation, reflected on exquisite landscape paintings, portraits and magnificent sculptures.
Departing from Caballito
horse sculpture (Manuel Tolsa Square, 8 Tacuba Street).

4-hour walking tour. Starting 10 am.
Tuesday to Sunday. Book now

Rivas Mercado
The Pink Zone

Continue discovering modern life in the city. First visiting the mansions in Juarez neighborhood, which started as an Aristocratic hub transforming into an eclectic and fascinating area called Zona Rosa. During the tour you'll know from famous people who struggled for freedom, and find the local bars and chocolate drinks in the neighborhood.
Departing from
hotel (130 Londres St.).
4-hour walking tour, daily. Starting 10 am, or 3 pm. Book now.

Polanco Immersion
Experience chic Mexico City in the West End. Departing from a beautiful hotel we head to Lincoln park, at the heart of Polanco. Then, Along Masaryk and Horacio avenues you'll discover the starting point in Mexican contemporary architecture, visit some outstanding art galleries, and admire the works of David A. Siqueiros, and find the best eateries in town.
Departing from W Hotel (252 Campos Eliseos Avenue).
-hour walking tour. Starting 10 am, or 3 pm. Daily. Book now.

Anthropology Aztec
Mesoaomerican Treasures

In this guided visit we are visiting the impressive National Anthropology Museum, entering the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec rooms to discover the Mesoamerican ancient civilizations, and approaching to their life & philosophy, present in every piece. Ideal if you are traveling to other areas in the country. Admission included.
Departing from Camino Real hotel (700 M. Escobedo Ave., Anzures). 4-hour tour. Starting 10 am or 3 pm. Tuesday to Sunday. Book now

*All walking tours prices are per person. USD $80=1,500 Mexican pesos. Reservation required, two people minimum. Book now.

Full-day tours

Spending several days in Mexico City will provide you not only a better understanding of the Mexican capital city but also have a very rewarding vacation, visiting beautiful places, tasting different kinds of food, immerse in daily life and enjoy fantastic works of art and architecture. Car transportation and pick up service included.

Aztec sculpture
Aztec & Hispanic Heritage

The capital city –more than 500 years old, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and deserves to be explored with an expert guide. Starting at the Aztec Temples ruins, close to Main Square (Zocalo), where Cathedral and National Palace proudly stand. Also visiting some colonial mansions and centenary streets. During the tour you will discover the origins of Mexico City, the stories and legends with its outstanding architecture and institutions.
8-hour tour. Daily. Intensive walking. Transportation from your hotel. Book now

City Trendy Neighborhoods

First visiting colonia Roma, a lovely residential area with a hipster twist, walking among period mansions, cool boutiques, art galleries, and open minded people. Then to her younger sister colonia Condesa, one of the trendiest districts in Mexico City. Here you'll find nice terraces, gourmet shops, wine bars, galleries, and original restaurants.
Admissions and hotel pick up service included. Intensive walking. 8-hour tour. Daily. Book now

A Sunday Dream

This tour lets you visit the main attractions around Alameda Park inspired by Diego Rivera, hand by hand with Catrina. You will enjoy the most beautiful silver pieces in Franz Mayer Collection, and the splendid Palace of Fine Arts to summarize the art of the XX Century. During the tour you'll have the chance to admire interesting contemporary architecture projects in an area full of life.
Admissions and hotel pick up service included. Intensive walking. 8-hour tour. Tuesday to Sunday. Book now

cuisine lesson
Mexican Cuisine Experience
Enjoy a Mexican food tour with all its flavor and color. We start walking through the busy stands of a typical food market, before enjoying a cooking class with a prestigious local chef in Mexico. During the tour you'll get familiar with ingredients, recipes and trends of Mexican cuisine while visiting interesting neighborhoods. Get a video glimpse of Mexican Cuisine.
6-7 hour group activity. Includes transportation from your hotel, starting 9 am.
Reserve in advance

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Full-day Tours features
  • Professional certified tour guide in English.
  • Includes: Car transportation from your hotel, admissions and taxes.
  • You can also enjoy an Excursion.




Four-seat car for one to three passengers. Van for 4 to 10 people.

City Tours


and recommendations:

  1. Admissions, meals and drinks are not included in the tour cost, (except Mexican Cuisine Tour).
  2. Bring sun screen and comfortable walking shoes.
  3. Some tours may take longer due to long toll roads lines or week-end traffic.
  4. On Mondays you can take a Pyramids excursion.

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