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Mexico City Neighborhoods

Colonia Roma

Roma Nouveau

In the early 1900's Colonia Roma Norte turned to be the modern side of Mexico City, attracting prestigious families who built their mansions, as well as famous intellectuals and artists. Today lives a vivid renaissance, based on the artistic and culinary scene.

The Jewish community has given Roma a special flavor and today's chefs visit local markets to get their supplies, locals enjoy fresh food from vendors and writers have got inspiration from its cafes. The colonia is also the name and location for the celebrated Roma fil. A flash-back to the 1970's!

Roma Art

The artistic side of Colonia Roma. Art galleries, musical venues, valuable art collections and art boutiques. You'll also discover new flavors and trendy spots. A truly inspiring source!

Chapultepec Park 

Chapultepec Castle

Maximilian's royal mansion is full of secrets and beauty. On top of a hill he created elegant chambers, nice gardens and impressive salons. The rich legacy of this place is the reason why the National History Museum occupies part of the facilities.
Aztec room

The National Anthropology Museum is one of the richest in the world. In the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec rooms you will discover the Mesoamerican ancient civilizations, and approach to the most original cultures, which art & philosophy are present in every piece.

The West Side of Mexico City

Rivas Mercado
Reforma Avenue

The few surviving mansions in Juarez neighborhood may transport us to the belle époque, which started as an Aristocratic hub transforming into an eclectic and fascinating area called Zona Rosa.
Chic Mexico City in the West End: Lincoln park, Masaryk and Horacio avenues are the starting point for Mexican contemporary architecture, art galleries, and the most outstanding culinary temples.

Historic Centre

Aztec sculpture
he capital city –more than 500 years old, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and deserves to be explored. Starting at the Aztec Temples ruins, close to Main Square (Zocalo), where Cathedral and National Palace proudly stand. Also  some colonial mansions and centenary streets, stories, legends  and institutions.

Alameda Park

In Alameda Park you can find a magic mirror, painted by Diego Rivera, hand by hand with Catrina. But also find a time tunnel in he most beautiful silver pieces at Franz Mayer Collection, and assist to the musical ceremonies at the splendid Palace of Fine Arts, which summarize the art of the XX Century, side by side with art and architecture exhibits.



Mexico City

New Spain
Modern Mexico 

Crafts, Art and Architecture.

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