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Mexico City FAQ
How safe is Mexico City?

Here you'll enjoy one of the safeiest cities in Latin America. Over the streets, restaurants, music venues, parks, archaeological sites and neighborhoods you'll have a pleasant and safe experience. The city government employs thousands of police officers, use cameras and patrol the streets and business. After all, the city has a high employment rate, people are friendly with visitors, and most areas in the city are safe. Of course, as a many big cities in the world you have to be cautious and, discreet in using jewels, manipulating cash or using your credit cards, specially in crowded areas. Check other opinions at
Lonely Planet

Which are the highlights of Mexico City?
"Sprawling, thrilling and thriving with culture, Mexico City is not just one of the largest cities in the world, but one of the most exciting to visit. With a population of more than 20 million, the Mexican capital is an ever-changing metropolis..."
Forbes Magazine

What else would you reccommend to visit?
"The Mexican capital is more cosmopolitan than ever, with world-class museums, vibrant street art and bustling markets."
New York Times

When is the most convenient time to go?
Mexico City enjoys the perfect climate: It is mild all year round. Temperature ranges from 10º to 20º C in average in winter time, and 15º to 30º C in spring. From May to Octover it's rainy, mostly in the afternoons and evenings, making it very pleasant during the day. November to April is pretty dry and sunny. Some precautions must be taken against UV rays and altitude, since the city is at 2,000 meters above sea level.
Weather channel

What can I do during a short stay?
"Fly in at night, when the land below glitters like a vast black-and-gold carpet and the scale of the city is mesmerizing, if not entirely overwhelming. This is, by most counts, the largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere..."
Conde Nast Traveler




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