Relax in Mexico City

Accommodations with Character

Casa Mali, Condesa

In a fully-renovated Art Deco property, Casa Mali has recovered the splendor of 1940’s classic apartments in front of the lovely Parque México. Perfect location for food lovers and flâneurs and comfortable suites where you’ll feel at home.

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Camino Real, Chapultepec

An original building from the 1960’s with huge spaces full of art works and original furniture, this large hotel has great restaurants and comfortable, quiet rooms beautifully designed. Close to the city park with its magnificent museums. Ideal for business travelers and groups.

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Brick Hotel, Colonia Roma

One of the newest boutique hotel, which reflects the contemporary refinement of the chic Colonia Roma, where you may be part of the most exiting gastronomic, art and music hubs in the city, and inside Brick you will enjoy its perfect design and unique 27 rooms.

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Gran Hotel Ciudad de México

In the heart of the Downtown, just in front of Main Square, this is a real gem from the Belle Époque, offering you a classic, exclusive ambience, topped with one of the most beautiful stained glasses you can imagine. Perfect to explore and feel the History at your feet.

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Pug Seal Anatole, Polanco

First class accommodation in a small, nicely decorated new hotel, which gives you access to Polanco, the trendiest side of Mexico City, world-class restaurants, designer boutiques and great museums.

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The Red Tree House, Condesa

A special B&B providing genuine hospitality and personal service. Tasteful rooms, lovely surroundings, congenial hosts, and interesting fellow guests.  The owners have implemented safe health policies and more available space.

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Mexico City Central Area

El Patio 77

Círculo Mexicano


Z. Central

Pug Seal

Gran Hotel


Las Alcobas



W Hotel

Camino Real

St . Regis



Four Seasons


Four Points


Condesa DF

Condesa Haus

Casa Mali

Red Tree House

Conveniently Located Hotels


Sofitel *****

297 Reforma Avenue, col. Cuauhtémoc

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+52 55 8660 0500


St. Regis *****

500 Reforma Avenue, col. Cuauhtémoc

+52 55 5228 1818

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Four Seasons *****

450 Reforma Avenue, col. Juárez

+52 55 5230 1818 

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Camino Real (Modern classic)

700 Mariano Escobedo Ave.
Colonia Anzures

+52 5263 8888

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Las Alcobas (Small Luxury Hotel)

390 Masaryk Ave.

+52 55 3300 3900

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W Hotel Mexico City *****

252 Campos Eliseos ave. Polanco

+52 55 5591 3818

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Hotel Habita ****

201 Masaryk ave.

+52 55 5282 3100

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Reforma Avenue corporate towers

Camino Real

Pug Seal (Boutique B&B)

+52 55 5584 3829

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Polanco locations

Hyatt Regency *****

204 Campos Elíseos

+52 55 5083 1234

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Four Points ***

Av. Álvaro Obregón 38, Roma Norte

+52 55 1085 9500

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Brick (Small Luxury Hotel)

95 Orizaba ave., col. Roma

+52 55 9155 7226

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Ignacia (Guest House)

208 Jalapa st., col. Roma

+52 (55) 2121 0966

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The Red Tree House (Guest House)

6 Culiacán st., col. Condesa

+52 55 5584 3829

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Condesa Haus (A blend of art, comfort
and technology)

142 Cuernavaca st.

+52 55 52562494

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Casa Mali by Dominion (Suites)

107 Avenida México, col. Hipódromo

+52 55 5564 0017

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Brick Terrace

Casa Mali studio

Condesa DF (Hotel)

102 Veracruz Ave., col. Condesa

+52 55 5241 2600

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PINK ZONE (Colonia Juárez)

Stara SLH

32 Hamburgo st.

+52 5351 6800

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Hotel Geneve (Classic) *****

130 Londres st., Col. Juárez,

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+52 55 5080 0800

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Hotel Geneve

Gran Hotel Ciudad de México


El Patio 77 (Eco-friendly)

+52 5592 8452

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Hilton Reforma *****

70 Juarez Avenue, in front of Alameda Park

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+52 55 5130 5300

Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico*****

82 Diez y seis de Septiembre Ave.

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+52 55 1083 7700

Zócalo Central*****

61 Cinco de Mayo Avenue

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+52 55 5130 5130

Círculo Mexicano*****

20 Guatemala st.

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+52 55 9689 0543


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